Make your brand part of the gig economy

On MyDailyLive, your Brand can connect with Social Retailers to stream your products live.

They can share tutorials, answer questions, and provide personal reviews to their communities!

Conversions are amplified because of the live engagement and the unique ability to purchase products instantly within the live episode.


Easy to setup, easy to use. Connect your Shopify ecommerce site directly.

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Instantly connect with Social Retailers. You can also seach retailers by name, age, category, demographic and follower size.

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Grow Sales

Boost visibility and brand awareness. Increase revenue from live chat, video sales, and social shares that you can't achieve from static photos.

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Spend marketing dollars only when a sale is made. You only pay once a sale has occured. There are no upfront fees.

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Here is a breakdown of our fee and commission structure

Simple, transparent, secure

No cost to sign up
Secure transactions
Automatic deposits
Brand protection
Platform Fee

It’s simple, you only pay 5% when a sale is made.


Affiliate Fee

Paid out to the social retailer community

Percentage of sale
or flat fee on each item paid to Social Retailer

A payment processing fee of 3.5% will occur on orders

Industry leading analytics for Brands and Social Retailers

Engage with retailers who are already creating content and selling product
Inventory management, sales tracking, shipping, etc.
Build loyalty and confidence in the buying process through live content.
Hassle free, efficient reporting of your social retailers’ sales performance.

Brand Stories

We're committed to helping our brands thrive, with support and
education for shops big and small.

Kembali Collective @kembaliCollective

Kembali Collective is a curation of home decor and accessories that we have discovered in the Indonesian culture. Our mission is to bring unique, handcrafted items into people’s homes, connecting them with local artisans and the story behind each piece. We strive to create a moment of happiness and gratitude with simple everyday tasks.

We are constantly inspired by the beauty, craftsmanship, creativity and connectivity of the Balinese people. Kembali, in Indonesian means, to return or to give back; a special meaning for us, as we give back a portion of each purchase to the people of Bali. We have been able to connect with so many people through My Daily Live and tell our story. Communicating our values of environmental compassion and sharing the process of our artisans has really changed the way we interact with our followers.

Erika Song @erikamimistyle

After being an insurance agent for over a decade I followed my heart and jumped into the fashion industry in 2016. In late 2018 I found MyDailyLive and I knew that it was the future! I am able to offer my community a wide range of brands and products through a fun interactive experience. I am thrilled to now be on MDL and continuing to expand my business and my community.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions about selling on MyDailyLive

Who can sell on MDL?

Anyone can sell on MDL. If you have personal items to sell, sell them quickly on MDL. If you have a small business and want to reach more people and be more engaging, sell on MDL. If you are a Brand and want to have other people sell for you, you can connect with Social Retailers on MDL to help feature your products.

Do you need to have a big social following on Instagram or YouTube to sell on MDL?

No, the beauty of MDL is that anyone can sell. If you have a small social following, MDL can help connect you with Brands so you can start earning a commission on anything you sell right away. If you have a larger following, you can engage with your audience more on MDL via live chat and directly share the products you are passionate about which you can’t do on any other social channels.

How do commissions work on MDL?

When you partner with a Brand to represent their products in your live episodes, you can earn a flat fee or a percentage of sale from every purchase your audience makes. Brands can set a flat fee or a percentage of the sale price that you can earn on every item they have in their inventory. The MDL platform captures this fee at the time of sale and pays you, the Social Retailer directly. Depending on the industry, you can make between 15% - 25% on average per item you sell depending on category type.

How do I get paid?

MDL collects all payments from each transaction and pays out the net sales and all fees and commissions to the appropriate users. We will deposit these funds into your MDL account so you can transfer to your linked bank account at any time.

How do I connect with a Brand?

Connecting with brands is easy. With your Social Retailer account you can search for brands that you are interested in representing and quickly send a request to join. This shares your profile information with a potential brand and you will receive a notification when they approve you. Easily add that brands products to your episode the next time you go live.

Want more information? Here are some resources to help you get started MyDailyLive Terms and Conditions