The new way to discover products and to shop from people you trust
MyDailyLive enables anyone to share their expertise on products and
brands they love while earning money doing so.

We are all part of the circle, creating relationships.
Social Retailer

Real human connections.

At MyDailyLive, we want people and communities to have the tools to be self sustainable. That is why we created a live, e-commerce platform that will distribute profits back into the community and user base, instead of profits flowing to one or few corporations.

MyDailyLive is a community.

Where authentic conversations happen, connections are made, and natural sales opportunities evolve. Anyone can potentially become a social retailer and share their passions and favorite products. Individuals and brands have the ability to connect with each other organically. On MyDailyLive, the shopping experience provides more benefit to the shoppers and their communities, rather than one corporation or entity.

Changing the way retail is done

We want you to have confidence in where your money is going. So when your best friend recommends a great pair of running shoes, and you want to buy them...wouldn't it be great if your purchase actually benefits your best friend?

MyDailyLive added value.

Less hands touching the product reducing the cost.

Profits distributed to the community rather than to corporations.

Reduced carbon footprint by dropshipping directly from the brands.

Authentic representations of product through human tohuman interactions.


MyDailyLive is a live streaming platform that allows Social Retailers to engage with their social network while integrating seamless, customer-first selling features that you won't find anywhere else.


Our technology makes authentic connection simple, with live video, real-time chat, curated products, and a streamlined checkout process.

Create Your Community

And it's more than just a live selling platform, it's a community where people come to talk about what they love, discover new favorite products, and connect with the brands they are passionate about.