Everyone has a story to tell,
from your interests and passions
to your favorite products.

MyDailyLive gives you a live video platform that helps you connect with your community, share your passions, and engage in e-commerce in a whole new way.

Whether you're a Social Retailer looking for a better way to connect with your community, a Consumer in search of an engaging shopping experience, or a Brand seeking new and innovative sales channels, MyDailyLive is a network where authentic conversations happen, connections are made, and natural sales opportunities evolve.


MyDailyLive is a live streaming platform that allows Social Retailers to engage with their social network while integrating seamless, customer-first selling features that you won't find anywhere else.


Our technology makes authentic connection simple, with live video, real-time chat, curated products, and a streamlined checkout process.

Create Your Community

And it's more than just a live selling platform, it's a community where people come to talk about what they love, discover new favorite products, and connect with the brands they are passionate about.